Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thai Lao Sweet Corn Wrap Dessert

This corn wrap dessert is also known as "khao dome sa-lee". I've mentioned banana leaves and how you can make khao dome (coconut sticky rice in banana leaves). This dessert is very similar but wrapped in corn leaves. You can use banana leaves if you run out of corn leaves.

Dessert Recipe: Thai Lao Sweet Corn Wrap Dessert
3 cups corn kernels
1 cup sticky rice that has been soaked in water for minimum 4 hours and water drained
1 cup sugar
1 cup fresh coconut milk
1 cup tapioca pearls
corn leaves

Discard about 3 layers of the outer corn leaves but save the tender corn leaves. Wash the tender leaves, pat dry, and cut the rough core. Remove corn husk and discard. Wash corn, cut kernels, and place into a large bowl. Add sticky rice, sugar, and fresh coconut milk. Puree until smooth. Add tapioca pearls and mix with spoon. Heat mixture over medium heat to thicken or wait about 2 hours until tapioca pearls thicken mixture. Place 2 tablespoons of mixture in corn leaf. Fold leaf and place into bamboo steamer with folded side down. Steam 20 minutes.