Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fresh Coconut Milk

A lot of Thai and Lao recipes, especially dessert recipes, call for coconut milk. Here is how to make fresh coconut milk without the preservatives from packaged store bought coconut milk.

Drink Recipe: Fresh Coconut Milk
Fresh coconut flakes from one coconut
3 cups cold water
Colander or cheese cloth

Place coconut flakes in a colander and a colander in a large bowl. Add cold water into bowl. Use hands to mix and squeeze water and coconut flakes together for 5 minutes. Lift the colander from the bowl so that it does not touch coconut the milk. Squeeze the coconut milk from the flakes and discard the flakes. Make sure the colander or cheese cloth have small holes so that the flakes do not mix in with the coconut milk.