Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shrimp Chips or Prawn Crackers

When I was younger, I would lay the shrimp chips on my tongue and feel the chips melt. I like the shrimp chips plain but most Thai restaurants serve these chips with a peanut dipping sauce. Purchase these chips at Asian supermarkets.

Appetizer Recipe: Shrimp Chips or Prawn Crackers
prawn crackers or shrimp flavored chips

Over medium heat add about 1 inch of oil. Test with one cracker and if the cracker floats within 5 seconds then the oil is at the right temperature. Pick the cracker out of the oil before it burns. If the outside edges of the cracker turn brown, it is over cooked. Add 5 crackers at a time into the oil. Pick crackers immediately as it rises and drain excess oil. Serve crackers with the curry peanut dipping sauce.